Crochet history..isn’t boring as you’re thinking!

Crochet  is a needlework technique performed using a crochet hook. Most typically, this material is yarn or crochet thread but it might also be fabric, wire, twine, or other material…

So that’s a simple information we already know, right? Why won’t we just seek in the old, historical story and origin about this needlework?

History of crochet started in early nineteenth century Europe, They called it as ‘shepherd’s knitting’ It’s invented for using instead of traditional lace and some of interior craft, But when Queen victoria bought the crocheted lace, and started to learn to crochet by herself!

The word crochet can from french word ‘Croche’ which mean hook, And it’s so correct!

The twenties and thirties saw crochet make the move from a decorative embellishment to a method for producing entire garments. This classic crochet hat and stunning evening gown both echo popular designs of the era.

LISA GENTRY is the fastest crocheter, you may wonder that she can crocher over 5,000 stitch in 30 minute


Then, The war

Crochet became part of the wartime effort in both Britain and the US – women on the home front could contribute to the war effort by hooking up items for the troops. In the spirit of austerity, crochet was also a great way of jazzing up existing outfits, in keeping with the ‘make do and mend’ attitude of the time…

After the war ended in 1950s , everything went back in the way it’s suppose to be


And the crochet still very popular ’til today.


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