Choosing crochet yarn


Choosing crochet yarn is important for your perfect works! let’s see how to choose proper yarn for your crochet : Match the yarn to the stitch. The yarn you choose can control the texture and sizes of your works. As a general rule, the wilder yarn will raise the simpler shape and more larger, thicker chain or stitch. The plainer and smaller the yarn will gives more texture and much more details will able to show up, there’re a lot kind of yarns fiber, such as Cotton, silk, soy, bamboo etc. Don’t forget color, Red or orange tones of color won’t be so good for pillow case, but it’s okay for rug, right? And the last things you should follow is be sure you know the characteristics of the yarn and match it with your work ,will the yarn going to be comfortable and beautiful in your finished piece?. Just because two yarns have the same gauge or texture or even fiber doesn’t mean that they can substitute for each other fully in a given pattern. If the yarns have different characteristics, texture, fiber, and color — then the final piece will look or feel different from the original one, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new!


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