Flowery pink popcorn box for a great movie night!


Are you planning for a movie night? or just want to make some popcorn? why won’t print this sweet and cute popcorn box and fill your snack in. People around the world used (and using) with red striped box, just keeping break rule and, poop! flowery is perfect!

Click the link below to download as PDF


Here’s how to assembly (it’s very easy but you just should focus on the bottom!)

You’ll need an A4 sized cardboard, Cutter or scissor (If you use cutter you can use its’ back to make folding line, scissor can work to but it’s more harder) , Ruler, Cutting matte and glue or 2 sided tape

1.Print out the template and cut it off.

2.Glue at the glue tab to join two pieces together, avoid gluing the glue tab in page 2.

3.Glue the bottom together, keep the angle as the right angle and put the credit tab at the top.

4.Glue the glue tab which still remaining at the side.

5.Add you popcorn, Finish!

Please leave a comment if you like it! or if something wrong you can report here 🙂


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