New yarn :)


I’ve bought this new crochet yarn from Granny embroidery shop near my home (she also sells some huge rolls of fabric which is very taller than me), And I also paid for this small crochet hook. Actually, This yarn is so small and when I made chains it’s look loose but I can’t make it tighter anymore.

I thought I may use this for my next doily project (even it’s label have a picture of doily :P)

Does anyone use this kind of yarn? I think I should try something new, even I always crochet with large sized yarn; Yahooo


Here the doily!


I’m crocheting this lovely doily, Today I brought this work to school so I can make more ‘long time spending stitch’ at lunchtime, I’ve got the pattern chart from Anabelia craft design and that’s below :


You can click the link above or this one to link you to the full tutorial in Anabelia’s site.

I thinks I may spend more days to finish this doily, But I’m sure that will be so fine!

Well, Those symbols index is too small and its spanish, Just use dictionary (?)

I really wish you’ll have fun with this lovely (and a little pretty more larger than the some I did) doily as I have! Good luck!

Lace edged crochet gloves

Too simple glove struck in your old shelf, Never used? So let’s have this easy to do lace edging!


Here is a pattern to follow, easily, we have only 4 rows! I choose the 260th pattern

1.44 single crochet through the yarn from the glove, Slip stitch at the 45th chain.

2.4 chains, Skip 1 stitch and then treble (hook the yarn for 1 time and stitch at the previous row) you’ll have the second row now, 1 chain and 1 single crochet, 2 chains, double treble and then 3 chains, double treble again, 3 chains, double treble and then 2 chain, single crochet by counting 3 chains from the center that you have double treble, Repeat this step until you’ll reach the end of your crochet, Slip stitch.

4.chain 1, single crochet, 2 chain and 1 single crochet, 3 chain, 1 single crochet, 3 chain, 1 single crochet, 3 chain, 1 single crochet, 2 chain, 1 single crochet at the previous roe single crochet. Repeat this step until you’ll reach the end. Slip stitch, Tie the end of the yarn into the loop, Cut the remaining



Choosing crochet yarn


Choosing crochet yarn is important for your perfect works! let’s see how to choose proper yarn for your crochet : Match the yarn to the stitch. The yarn you choose can control the texture and sizes of your works. As a general rule, the wilder yarn will raise the simpler shape and more larger, thicker chain or stitch. The plainer and smaller the yarn will gives more texture and much more details will able to show up, there’re a lot kind of yarns fiber, such as Cotton, silk, soy, bamboo etc. Don’t forget color, Red or orange tones of color won’t be so good for pillow case, but it’s okay for rug, right? And the last things you should follow is be sure you know the characteristics of the yarn and match it with your work ,will the yarn going to be comfortable and beautiful in your finished piece?. Just because two yarns have the same gauge or texture or even fiber doesn’t mean that they can substitute for each other fully in a given pattern. If the yarns have different characteristics, texture, fiber, and color — then the final piece will look or feel different from the original one, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new!

Crochet cheat sheet

Here is my first crochet post, This isn’t a video tutorial but here, I’ll show you some of instruction for your more easier crochet, cheat sheet, it will show you some of sign and term. I didn’t print it by myself but it’s from, Here you can print or just keep it and have it as your best partner while having crochet problem or you just confused!


Have fun!


Crochet history..isn’t boring as you’re thinking!

Crochet  is a needlework technique performed using a crochet hook. Most typically, this material is yarn or crochet thread but it might also be fabric, wire, twine, or other material…

So that’s a simple information we already know, right? Why won’t we just seek in the old, historical story and origin about this needlework?

History of crochet started in early nineteenth century Europe, They called it as ‘shepherd’s knitting’ It’s invented for using instead of traditional lace and some of interior craft, But when Queen victoria bought the crocheted lace, and started to learn to crochet by herself!

The word crochet can from french word ‘Croche’ which mean hook, And it’s so correct!

The twenties and thirties saw crochet make the move from a decorative embellishment to a method for producing entire garments. This classic crochet hat and stunning evening gown both echo popular designs of the era.

LISA GENTRY is the fastest crocheter, you may wonder that she can crocher over 5,000 stitch in 30 minute


Then, The war

Crochet became part of the wartime effort in both Britain and the US – women on the home front could contribute to the war effort by hooking up items for the troops. In the spirit of austerity, crochet was also a great way of jazzing up existing outfits, in keeping with the ‘make do and mend’ attitude of the time…

After the war ended in 1950s , everything went back in the way it’s suppose to be


And the crochet still very popular ’til today.