so sweet cat family


I really feeling jealous with these cat! There’re really love each other dearly, and, Oh you’ll see here…


“Meh–Mommy, Daddy, Do not lick my face!” L’amai said

“Your ears and your eyes must be as clean as the mud, My dear” Said the daddy

“Nooo0–It’s must be clean as the–what does those human called that? Is it the..cubbot tud?”

“Cotton buds, my little kitten…(lick)(lick)(lick)”

A little catty kitty drooling joke (Look–er–disgusting–creepy) But still so cute and lovely!

Doesn’t matter how the world is moving, We’re loving so that’s what enough


Little cute mommy-daughter


What’s a lovely! This morning I’m crocheting then my mom called me to look at those cute cat in our garden, the mommy cat naned L’amoon and her child named L’amai, There’re also the daddy cat named Harry (And there’re the family name, Potter) Harry is the most cute! But them all are so naughty 😛